Monthly Archives: December 2015

Week 13 Grateful

I love Christmas time, the cooking, family time, fun things to do with the kids now, and reflecting on what Jesus did for us. We are traveling now to spend time with more family out of town. Only 3 and a half hours more of my physical therapy continued education and what a relief that will be to have done, and another accomplishment to write on a card. I really like this exercise of writing down accomplishments to reflect on. ┬áIt is amazing to see others and what they speak and how it impacts their life. I’m contributing to work on being the observer and giving more love.

Another note, being a parent really does reveal natural sinful actions that need encouragement to work against. For example, my 4 year old was so excited to open presents and ended up tearing through them quickly and continued to ask to open more. We are teaching her to be grateful for what she has. And it makes me think how I can be more grateful too. I am really blessed with more than I need.


Week 12 Hanging in and staying positive

Again, I’m thankful for being able to mastermind with others going through the course and our guide. They continue to encourage me and not let me be hard on myself for what I am behind on but focusing on what I am doing well. By reading my DMP, I did accomplish one goal and signed my 4 year old up for gymnastics, calling about the lessons on the last day that was good for being able to get her in!

While working on my continued education for physical therapy that is consuming my time this month since it is due in 12 more days, I have learned some things that agree with this master key class. I have picked some courses that teach more about communication, and nutrition. Lesson 12 of the Master Keys says, “Knowledge does not apply itself; we as individuals must make the application, and
the application consists in fertilizing the thought with a living purpose.” And in one of the physical therapy courses there was a quote, “It’s not what you know. It’s what you do with what you know. Those who are most successful in life practice what they learn.” So true. We need action. And to persist in these right actions.

I’m enjoying seeing progress in some actions I am making, and will continue to make progress and see more and more good changes.

Week 11 Change is messy

One thing that stood out to me from the webinar last Sunday was a comment from Mark about change. “At first change is hard, then it is messy, then it is beautiful.” I really relate to that. The way I clean up something, it is hard for me to get started, then I spread out everything so it looks like a really big mess, then I can put everything away so it is organized.

Creating a new me and life, requires creating new habits, and of course there is resistance to this because I have to change my old habits, which means I have to change my thoughts too.

I have really been challenged getting my assignments done lately, now having to get 30 hours of continue education for physical therapy by the end of the month.

Have you had a busy season and think, once I get past such and such, then I will be able to do whatever…? Well I have realized I can’t think like this because life seems to always throw something at me. There will never be a time later that is easier than the time I have now. I can’t let these excuses stop me from doing what I need to do now to move myself closer to my goals.

Why are you where you are right now? My thoughts in the past have landed me where I am.

My next step is to set some reminders in my phone because that usually helps me when I need a new habit. And I’m going to reach out for a little help. I am done being stuck.

Week 10 Live Happens..

Oh, sleep, I look forward to meeting you again, soon hopefully. I love love love having a baby, who is getting big now, almost 15 months. She is full of life, so cute, and makes us laugh all the time. I am really working on focusing on how to stay positive though the lack of sleep. With the traveling for Thanksgiving, then being sick this past week, she has needed more attention, especially at night not able to put herself back to sleep, even worse than when she was a newborn. So my brain has been challenged in being able to think straight, which goes to show how much help it is to be in a good habit of writing down tasks that need to be completed, to make up for the lack of memory in these times.

When I realized this afternoon I forgot to blog by Friday, thankfully I was reading another fellow masterminder’s blog about not beating herself up for the tasks that were not completed as she planned. I am thankful for this group of people encouraging me to not focus on what I have not done, but focus on celebrating what I have accomplished! I have read the Greatest Salesman in the World and the new scroll’s theme is, “I will persist until I succeed.” Then in the weekly call tonight Mark gave great clarity to what persistence really means. It does not mean not giving up, but that action is continued. This was good encouragement for me to put forward more action in a few areas it is needed.

So here I am hoping for more sleep tonight, but either way, tomorrow is a new day and “I will persist until I succeed.” And not only will I not give up, I will work on completing the action required to meet my goals.