Week 20/21 What is your pose?

Very late getting this out but I’m still getting it done. We didn’t have a webinar for week 19 but they posted an interesting video about a study that was done showing what affects your body position can have on you. They took 2 groups of people, one holding a pose for 2 min making themselves smaller, hunched over, etc. The other group held their arms all the way up, reclined with their feet up, etc, showing power. Then these people went in for a job interview. All those who did the power poses were wanted for the job while those that did the poses to make themselves smaller were not wanted for the job. So I tried it when I was getting a little overwhelmed while at home with a lot to accomplish. It helped me calm down and boost my confidence that I could get everything done. What the study showed was the power poses increased the person’s testosterone and deceased cortisol, the stress hormone. Amazing how God has made our bodies! Then when we were on our group call, I recalled a couple pictures my husband had taken on our date night just before I listened to the webinar. No words needed to tell who was victorious with each game.

So I have a little catching up to do with the mkmma work, but others are noticing my increased confidence and drive to work. I’m eager to make my calls and getting to it right away each day. I had our first salad in a jar party Sunday and it was great and I’m excited to keep them going weekly and growing community encouragement for better health. 🙂


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