Week 23 Going to finish it out

So, this course has helped me in many ways with taking more control of my thoughts, which has helped with my business since I’m motivated to make my calls. Then things got a little out of balance with me giving time to the calls and neglecting the work for the master keys. Additionally, I was looking at the Go90grow and getting excited about that and signed up to learn the skills that I know I need to have more success and less frustration with my business. I didn’t think I could manage both at the same time so I wanted to start fresh with the Go90grow and start over with the master keys next time around. I had to check with my guide to see what insight she had before making my mind up for sure and she was so encouraging for me to focus on how far I have come and to finish strong with master keys. Go90grow is a membership for life and the trainings for the skills are always available and the live Q & A will come back around 2-3 times a year. I’ll only miss out for a month and it lasts 3 months. I’m already doing the activities better this week. Amazing how talking with another and masterminding can help make changes.


3 thoughts on “Week 23 Going to finish it out

  1. Eleanor Norton

    Good job for continuing with Master Key. I also find myself torn between the tasks I need to do for my business and the assignments we have been given. Thanks for sharing



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