Week 25 Effortless

Imagine being able to complete the work needed to accomplish your dreams with a feeling of no effort. They have talked about this throughout the course but they really got into more detail about it on the last webinar. There are three parts to the law of least effort. They are acceptance, responsibility, and defenselessness. This is about accepting things as they are, that everything is as it should be. Then in taking responsibility, there is no blaming anyone including myself for the way things are. This allows me to focus and make the best of every situation and turn it around for my good. Last, the law of defensiveness states to let go of defending my point of view, allowing me to be open minded. I’m looking forward to reading them over and over to see this come to be. Already I’m not procrastinating as much as I use to and that is a big deal to me. So much more to come!


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