Week 24 What is your flower?

So this is the last week of the master keys. Bittersweet. I still have so much more potential to grow, but have come so far in doing so many new things, thoughts, better action meaning less procrastination!

So do you believe you have a unique purpose? The last webinar was great with Mark getting into how this master key choose was created. It came down to a 60 second clip in a movie. The guy explains how insects in doing what they do, see their flower and let nothing stand in its way to make love with it, and without it being aware, it pollinates the flowers and life keeps going for us all. What great purpose there is in the bugs and the flowers! Like Jesus says about the birds and flowers in Matthew 6, “Are you not of more value than they?” I can choose to not be anxious, but I can focus and feel the love from our creator, then I can find my purpose in finding my talent and giving it away in love.

So what is my flower? Well, today is Good Friday. We had a service and though I was late getting there with the little kiddos, I was determined to not miss it completely. What a great way to get focused in on the purpose of this weekend. Why the cross? Because no matter how hard I try, and I’m making progress, but I am not perfect, especially alone trying on my own without God. And I own that.  But again, why the cross? Because God loves me. He has saved me from myself and given me a gift that I could not ever work enough to earn. Because of love, I share this.


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