Monthly Archives: October 2015

Week 5 New Challenges

We were asked to write a press release about ourselves in the future.  I have never written a press release so I was confused on how to style it.  I read a few examples, then finally sat down and went for it.  I like sharing my story, I just have not practiced being very creative.  I hope I get some pointers on it.  My goal is to be more creative and fun so it was a good challenge for me.  Finishing my tasks at the last minute and my brain is now tired and not thinking so well.  I have got to work on my schedule more so I am not cutting into sleep time.  What else can I sacrifice?  I am still getting revisions on my DMP (purpose for my life written in the future in present tense so I read it like it is real now).  I’m eager to have it done but I’m still not getting the wording right.  I have much to catch up on tomorrow, praying I prioritize well and figure this all out.  I really want this for my thoughts to work for me and not against my goals, and I know much work is needed…  Tomorrow is a new day.  For my life to change, I have to change.


Week 4 Life

This has been a more challenging week. We were out of town last weekend for a conference, then I have been working more this week with physical therapy and a booth for my nutrition business I’m building. I’m excited, pumped up from the conference and ready to get to work, but needing work to find the balance still with family, house, and all that.

It was amazing at the conference how many stories I heard where they were stuck for many years and finally got to the point they were ready to get serious and the thing that had to change for them to get where they wanted to go was their mindset. That is me and what I’m learning! And if they can do it, I can do it! I am doing it! Then my women’s bible study yesterday was great. We are reading a book called The Pursuit Of Holiness. And chapter 5 really stood out to me talking about habits. An example was looking at a slave being set free but they had lived so long as a slave, so they still thought like a slave. We have habits of sin, and we can accept the forgiveness through Christ, but we still have to work at changing these habits. I’m thankful to have God guiding me through this journey, using this course, to change me more and more each week. I love seeing connections in life.

Week 3 being still

Controlling the mind, I can see, is going to require a lot of practice. First finding the time to do it when I won’t fall asleep, but my 4 and 1 year olds have to be asleep. Afternoons have worked the best so far during their nap time. Then to resist the urge to scratch my head was hard the first couple times. Now I’m fine with being still, but to not think of anything? My mind goes all kinds of crazy places, so random. And my body still wants to fall asleep sometimes sitting up straight. Practice, practice, practice.

So my littlest one lost her amber necklace again, and I’m really believing it helps because she started fighting sleep more after a few days. Yesterday I was completing my chore I promised to do for the week, cleaning out my car, and I found the necklace! I had just ordered a new one the day before, but I’m still glad I did because the one I ordered has a screw in clap instead of a snap in so she won’t be able to pull it off so easy. Work smarter, not harder, right?

I’m still exciting to be working on my thoughts, still feeling a little scattered and unproductive in some areas, but I’m hopeful, knowing it will take much repetition to fix.

Week 2 Getting settled?

It has been an interesting week.  I really like the exercise that helps against procrastination by repeating “do it now” over and over.  One day I was saying it and saw a kid’s toy in the hallway and instead of walking over it, I picked it up to put it away.  When I open the drawer, there was my one year old’s amber necklace that had been missing for over 2 weeks!  She can reach up and pull it of and this necklace helps her with teething and is not cheap… Then that evening my husband had some computer work he needed to do but was very much not motivated to do it.  I told him about the exercise and I started saying “do it now” over and over very enthusiastically and he was like, “ok, ok!  I’ll do it now!” and it made us laugh.

I have to say, there is a lot of work to do, and I’m getting better about doing what is required, but I’m having a hard time getting other work and house chores done and balancing time with hubby and my 2 little girls who want almost constant attention.  Nap time is just not long enough…  I’m praying I will get into a system so I can be more productive to get those things done as well as my thoughts improve and work on cutting out activities that don’t serve me to reach the goals I’m aiming for.

Week 1 Getting started

So here I am, working on myself, working on my thoughts, just starting this week, and I’m already feeling better about life, with more hope that my dreams will come true.  I am setting daily goals and accomplishing them and God is blessing me with new people to help and encourage with their nutrition and their faith.  I’m more intentional and bold, doing what I set out to do. I’m reading 3 times a day to change my thoughts to positive ones and changing my habits so I am a slave to good ones and getting rid of the bad ones.  This will take time and I will be patient, but I know this path will lead me to where I want to go.  All along the way I will praise God and continue to pray for him to guide me.  Getting unstuck.