week 24 Emotions

The reading from Og has been great thinking about how the cycle of emotions changes day by day but how to take control if you are too high or too low, by focusing on the direction you need to take them. My favorite quote is “Weak is he who permits his thoughts to control his actions; strong is he who forced his actions to control his thoughts.” Many a times in the past I haven’t felt like doing something but start it any way and then I soon begin enjoying it. With my toddler I can become annoyed at her with the repetitive disobedience and I can’t move on and enjoy her, so I start smiling really big or make silly faces at her and we both laugh and I move past my stubborn grumpy emotions. Reading this writing helps me focus on doing that sooner. Then the last live webcast was very interesting talking about different emotions like anger, fear, and unworthiness and focusing on the benefit of those emotions. For example, anger gives massive energy, fear gives focus, and unworthiness shows when you may not be following your dreams. The mind is so powerful. What a blessing to have this opportunity to understand it and use it better for my good and for those around me.


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